The site of temptation

The site of temptation

The following story is of sensuality, passion and desire. It will take you into a world in which you can grasp and see it, smell and taste it: the emotion that is chocolate. The chocolate we are talking about, beguiles, bewitches and seduces. Saffron - travelled from afar - proves its love to her. Cherries emerge from it, plums sink in it. And beneath: Champagne, showing its dark side.

The beginning

Christine and Hubert Berger brought it to the market town of Lofer in 1994, this site of temptation, in which expert hands shape creations with unconditional devotion. Sweet, fiery or premium bitter: chocolates, truffles and sweetmeats beckon to go on a journey which enfolds all five senses. The unique sweet items of the manufactory also travel a long way. Aficionados of Berger Feinste Confiserie can be found all over the world.

Huber Berger, who as master confectioner once set off to journey throughout the world to learn the craft of the chocolatier, gained experience at renowned sweetmeat shops. And while his first chocolates saw the light of day in a garage, Berger Feinste Confiserie is now known far beyond the regional borders. More than 70 members of staff conjure up chocolate full of surprises and passion, boxed by Christine Berger with lots of attention to detail.

The manufactory

In the classic chocolate workshop of Berger Feinste Confiserie , many precious little treasures are produced in painstaking manual work. The valuable raw materials for the unique precious items: high-grade chocolate, creamy whipped cream, fruity jams, aromatic herbs and premium brandies. In the hands of the chocolatiers, candy makers and confectioners, these exclusive ingredients are turned into masterpieces which make life so sweet: delicious chocolates and cream truffles, crunchy chocolate bars and aromatic drinking chocolate.
Ultimate craftsmanship is needed for chocolatiers to manufacture premium chocolates. Finest fillings are still boiled in the copper vat, coated with tenderly melting chocolate, then garnished and boxed. Here we cook, stir, caramelize and lovingly decorate. At Berger Feinste Confiserie , only chocolate artists with that delicate touch and a distinct feel for all things sensual, beautiful and delicious get to work.
Day after day, loving as well as tasteful little works of art are confected. This ensures the high quality of the delicious palate ticklers; Chocolate from Berger Feinste Confiserie is handmade delectation of the highest order. The attention to detail makes every chocolatey temptation from Berger become eye candy – and a jamboree for taste buds.