The Story

The beginning of temptation

As with many other success stories, this one, too, began in a garage. This is where in 1994, Hubert and Christine Berger put their hearts and minds into specializing in the manufacture of premium chocolates and sweet works of art. The intention was clear: We satisfy with very special quality.

The rest is history. Meanwhile, the original two-man workshop has grown into a renowned confectionery, which supplies not only its own shops but also upmarket specialist shops with its exquisite delicacies.


  • 1994 - Founding of Berger Feinste Confiserie
  • 2001 - Opening of Saalfelden branch
  • 2003 - Opening of Salzburg branch
  • 2007 - Expansion of the Confectionery in Lofer
  • 2008 - Opening of St. Johann im Pongau branch
  • 2009 - Extension to the Confectionery in Lofer
  • 2012 - Expansion of the Confectionery in Lofer
  • 2013 - Opening of Salzburg Kaigasse branch
  • 2014 - 20 - year anniversary
  • 2015 - Opening of St. Johann in Tirol branch
  • 2018 - Opening of Bergers FEINHEIT