August 24, 2017


"Organic is simply even better", Hubert Berger, owner of the chocolate manufacture of the same name in Lofer, puts it straight. "And the more we have looked into this issue, the clearer it became that we want to switch to organic."

Well-thought-out all the way to the packaging

Switching completely to organic raw chocolate took almost a year here at Berger Finest Confectionery. "Our full-cream milk, premium bitter and even the white chocolate have already been switched to organic and Fairtrade. And as of January 2018, we will also offer a selection of organic chocolates", says Christine Berger.

Berger Finest Confectionery has been a Fairtrade-Partner since 2016, and only processes cocoa varieties from sustainable cultivation. The stated aim of the innovative chocolatiers is to keep expanding the already wide range of organic products in their line-up. To manufacture the Berger organic products, only raw materials from organic farming are used. "Our ingredients as well as our complete manufacturing process are subject to strict legal regulations. Independent inspectors carry out regular checks. This way, our customers can be confident that they will get only high-quality chocolate creations from us", explains Hubert Berger. As ever, the top priority is on the taste of the sweet compositions.

The fine chocolate from the Pinzgau region, apart from its unique taste and innovative creations, is also known well beyond the state for its especially creative packaging "with lots of love for detail". And thus Christine and Hubert Berger think one step ahead even in this regard: Instead of the previously used recycled cardboard boxes, virgin fibre paper will be used in the future. All of the packaging for the chocolate bars is now made of FSC- certified and low-migration virgin fibre paper. And when it comes to printing the premium packaging, there has also been a change: The creatively staged photographs and illustrations are now printed using water-based colours. "Much has changed, but one thing remains the same: And that are the especially loving creations and the changing design of our packaging, says Christine Berger.


Organic comes upon regionality and tradition

And it’s not only for the raw chocolate that the Salzburg family business places great value on the origin and quality of ingredients. All ingredients are carefully selected by the chocolatiers. The confectionery sources its organic almonds from a small Majorcan plantation. The hazelnut- and almond-nougat as well as the almond-marzipan are purely organic products and Fairtrade-certified. The connection to the region and tradition is also reflected in the ingredients used by Berger Finest Confectionery. This includes premium brandies from Siegfried Herzog from Saalfelden, organic egg liquor from the Farthofer distillery and regional herbs from the locally based TEH-Association (TEH = Traditional European Healing arts). The organic whipped cream is also regionally sourced.


Taste is trumps

Taste takes top priority at the innovative chocolate manufacturer Berger. By switching to organic, it was possible to improve both the quality as well as the taste of the chocolate creations. "The selected ingredients and strict checks contribute to our products tasting even better. One of many reasons why we are planning a gradual switch of all our creations to organic and Fairtrade", explains Hubert Berger.

Image credits: Foto Neumayr - Leo

Author: Caroline